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Best Infant Car Seats - Reviews - About This Website

User Reviews of the Best Infant Car Seats User Reviews of the Best Infant Car Seats Parents and other caretakers of newborns or small children know that finding reliable, in-depth reviews for infant car seats is really important. Too many websites make it difficult to research competing brands side-by-side while getting feedback from people who’ve used car seats. Now, it’s possible to get unbiased, extensive information on what kinds of car seats are safest for your infants, just by browsing this site. Access a central database to compare and review the features of infant car seats before making a purchase. No more ordering multiple seats then having to return the ones that don’t pass muster - now, it’s possible to be confident in a purchase before it even ships from the warehouse. By gathering the most reliable reviews and assessments of car seats and making them easily searchable, it becomes possible to access this knowledge at the click of a button.

What to look for in the best car seats for infants

These protect the safety of a child, giving them adequate space, weight support, head impact protection, rear-facing tethers and anti-rebound bars, a LATCH system and even a reclining mechanism that allows children to be placed at the proper angle for travel when facing backwards in the car. No parent needs to be told the importance of safety when it comes to car seats, and keeping an eye out for specific features during a search can help make the decision-making process easier. Some (but not all) safety features a parent can look for include:

  • 5-point harness, to keep children securely locked into place.
  • Wide straps that won’t twist keep infants in the car seat, reducing the chances of their sustaining burns or injuries.
  • Two-piece chest clips make it hard for a little one to wriggle out of their seat, while also making it harder to twist the straps (see previous point).
  • Adjustable harnesses are crucial, since every child is a different size. Follow expert advice on how to securely secure an infant, making sure that the child is snugly fit into their car seat.
  • Built-in locking clips, which are present on newer car seats, are easy to use and have an advantage over metal locking clips required by some older cars and vans: they won’t get lost, and there’s no chance of their being installed incorrectly.
  • A routing path for the seat belt gives another opportunity to make an infant car seat secure by ensuring that the actual car seat won’t slip out of place.
  • Carrier bases let parents lift their child in and out of the vehicle without having to take them out of the car seat; this can make it much easier to secure a child safely in the first place.

So which is the best infant car seat?

There are dozens more features to check on - too many to list here, in fact - but that’s why reading reviews and side-by-side comparisons are so important! Make the most informed and practical decisions possible - take the experience of others into account in your shopping! After finding the best car seats for infants available here, a link is even provided to Amazon, where it’s possible to purchase the models available for review here. This ensures that multiple models made for different retailers don’t cause any confusion, and allows the comparison of information across both this website and Amazon - giving even more credence to car seat safety conclusions. Whether reviews are native to our site or one of the options for best infant car seat consumer reports has featured, it's now possible to compare them and find the most effective and safest infant car seats on the market. Still not convinced? Have a look around and see what users are saying about their infant car seats. Take note of what's been discovered, and use the information to ensure the purchase of the best infant car seat available. You can choose from the Cheapest, Most Popular, Most Reviewed, or those with a 5 Star Rating

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